power steering fluid

  1. Gillibrand

    ML350 W163 Power Steering Fluid Leak

    My 2003 ML350 W163 started leaking power steering fluid. It is the low pressure hose that is the problem - the end has perished where it joins the radiator. I was planning to use a generic hose (suitable for oil) to replace it, does anyone know what the internal diameter of the hose is please...
  2. W

    change power steering fluid (or not)

    I own a 1996 C180 - the maintenance booklet does not mention power steering fluid. I have looked at a few you tube videos and they all suggest its necessary to change the fluid. The fluid level on mine show just on the minimum and the oil looks very dark. Is it best to have it flushed and...
  3. J

    PAS/Power Steering Fluid Leak S320 2000

    Good morning gents. Been a while since my last post, but have actually fixed a number of minor problems in the meantime on my (now rapidly ageing) S320 (130,000 miles) by trawling the forums, so many thanks for the continued contributions. Have gone through the forums concerning a leak which...
  4. A

    Power steering fluid cap in CLK 270

    my steering is making whinning noise on cold start but seems to be fine after a little while. i can't locate the power steering oil filler cap. Please help!

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