1. R

    Steering pulling to the left

    Hi I’ve recently purchased a C220 AMG sport plus. When driving down the motor way I’ve noticed it pulls slightly to the left. I asked the guy who I bought I from and he said that it’s not uncommon for rear wheel drive cars to pull slightly to the left or right as the rear wheels a pushing and...
  2. Mercedes-2010

    Full Alignment - Newcastle Staffs

    Hi All, Just to let you know of a great place to get your 4 wheel alignment done in Newcastle Staffordshire. They are a Jaguar Indi with some ex MB staff, a very professional outfit and not extortionate with hourly rates either. They have the Hunter machine on site and know how to use it...
  3. M


    Hi all, I have a 2003 C220 CDI, W203. It is behaving very strange to the extent I am nearly afraid to drive it. It feels like it is floating when driving and extremely difficult to keep in a straight line. Going around bends are a challenge as it will kick the back out real easily, sometimes...

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