1. RyanSL500

    R230 roof not going down

    Evening everyone! I recently picked up my 2003 SL500 up from the body shop which was in there for a month. Before it went it in, everything was fine (besides the rusting arches!). I picked up the car this weekend gleaming and when I tried to put the roof down, nothing... well the roof button...
  2. M

    How do I adjust my bonnet catches? R230 SL but I imagine other models are similar

    Since buying my SL 350 2003 last year I on occasions got the "bonnet open" message in the dash. Lifting the bonnet and dropping from a good 18-24" seemed to do the trick, (but not always). At this time I could find no evidence that either of the catches had in fact come undone. I assumed it was...

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