radio audio 10

  1. J

    a right code for unluck the radio (AL2910Y0464761)

    I just purchassed a E220 (2000) in Belguim to Yaounde in Cameroon in Africa. The radio requests a code. Here is a serial number of the radion: AL2910Y0464761 Could you please help in getting a right code for unluck this radio. Thank you in advance. Janvier
  2. grahamwoodward

    CD Autochanger jammed

    Hi. The CD cartridge in the glovebox on my W203 C240 (2001) will not eject. CD tray 3 is loaded into the player but will not retract when you press the small green button on the unit to eject the cartridge. The audio unit (a Radio Audio 10 unit) reads "Track **" for a few a seconds then says "No...
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