1. C

    Age old problem Boot leaks in Mercedes SL350 (2003). Help!!!

    Hi I've owned my Merc. since 2013 and like most owners have had my fair share of expenditure (£12,000 in 6 years) keeping it on the road. I am a female driver and don't do DIY on cars so I use a private specialist Merc. garage who have a good reputation for servicing and repairing the car...
  2. philharve

    [Wanted] W202 front trim (2 pieces)

    Do any members know where I can obtain 2 'trim' pieces, preferably new, that won't cost me an arm and a leg? They are made from rubber (I think) and are around 1ft long and fit horizontally below both from wings. I have been offered them (new) at £30 each but I feel sure I can do much better...
  3. M

    [Wanted] 1984 W123 Bits

    Hi All I am looking for the following for my 230E Windows / doors boot etc Rubbers / Seals complete seals kit Bonnet hinges / spring 1985 grille not the euro/sec style Engine stickers Any original pics of the engine bays of the 230E as mine is very rusty Regards Mike

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