s212 rear air suspension

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    w212 s212 Rear Air Suspension. A WARNING!!

    Having recently had a slow leak necessitating the replacement of a rear air spring on my car (and finding it an incredibly easy job, it's described elsewhere but with two people you don't even need to remove the shock top mount making it a 15 minute job) I found some springs at just over £60...
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    W212 Rear Air Suspension (2010)

    Hi everyone First post here. I have a 2010 S212 E250CDi Sport Estate. The rear suspension is dropping with the "Vehicle Raising, please wait" message when I turn the ignition most of the time. It's worse on the passenger side, less pronounced on the driver side. My local specialist has...
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    S212 Rear Suspension Dropping

    Hi, Last week I bought an 2011 S212 E220 CDI Estate. I previously had an S211 E220 CDI Estate for over 8 years and it was great. I noticed a problem with the rear air suspension on my new car. It sags down when parked overnight. It looks like it is right down as far as it can go when it is...

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