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    Seat cover

    Bit of a random one! I've just switched from a hatchback (Astra) to a 2013 C220 coupe and I have a dog.... I'm struggling to find a rear seat cover for the 2 bucket seats. Has anyone had this problem and can help me with where to look? Thanks!
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    Will W221 facelift seat covers fit pre-facelift seats

    Hi My driver heated seat has failed, I have found face lift covers online that have the same colour code and look the same but the part number are different as the are for the face lift car. Mine is 2007 Anyone know if they will fit? Thanks
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    Leather Seat Covers

    Hi guys. Looking into buying a c200 kompressor coupe, and was looking for a bit of advice about seat covers. The car has fabric seats, which don't look the best and it's putting me off buying the car. Is there anywhere that does good quality leather style seat covers? Thanks in advance.
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    Seat protectors for 2013 ML Sport

    I am looking for covers/pads to protect my front seats when going fishing. So far I cannot find anything big enough and airbag compatible.Any ideas welcome!
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