seat faults

  1. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Coupé (124.050) Electric Driver Seat Frame Issue

    My Drivers seat frame has dropped to one side and my trusty mechanic says the seat itself is fine, but the frame is done, and wobbles down to the right forward corner. I have found a whole new seat on ebay (white leather, but will just remove the seat section and swap mine onto it), and was...
  2. A

    R 129 300 SL Passenger seat Electrics problem

    Hi I have a 1991 300 sl which my wife left with the top down in heavy rain. Carpets saturated and fungus growing all over. I have now given it enough time to dry out, used contact cleaner spray on all the door switches, and the solenoids under the seat. Have also checked all the leads and...

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