1. S

    SEC Water leak

    My beloved 1990 500 SEC has water in the rear driver side footwell and I've spent a lot of money trying to fix it. The sunroof has been replaced and the four water spouts are clear. There was a hole in behind the battery but that has been repaired. I can't see any windows leaking and the boot...
  2. B

    W126 and blue interiors

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying a 500 SEC, seen as though the dream wide bodies are impossible to find.. Unfortunatly any half decent car I've seen has blue leather seats and interiors.. I think blue interiors are awfull. So wondering how much do you guys think a complete interior...
  3. S

    SEC W126 leaking boot - latest info

    Hi, I've read several threads about the leaking boot problem. Mine has it too and needs the outer panel below the rear window replacing. For my benefit and the benefit of other members, I'd like to summarise the problems and solutions so all the possible causes are in one place and easily...
  4. coolhans

    1983 500 sec

    Hello everyone out there! I own a 2005 E280 CDI Sport Estate and a 1986 500 SEC which I bought last weekend for weekends which I have on a low mileage insurance policy. I am new to the forum and hope to get some good advice, especially on the older bird. I have also just sold a 1998 300 TD...

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