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    Suspension replacement on CLK A209

    Hello all I took my CLK for a wheel alignment yesterday, but was told the alignment is out of whack because of bad shocks (apparently passenger side is sagging so the toe/camber are all a mess). The alignment shop chap recommended me to replace all four shocks. After a day of internet trawl I...
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    Lowering springs on Mergedes W211 320CDI 2005

    Dear members, I fit new aftermarket shocks (Sachs made). The car has risen twice compared to what was before. The shocks are adjustable. Does anybody know how much I should lower them to the same level as the genuine ones? Also, what type of the genuine colour coded coil springs should be...
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    W210 Rear Suspension ... again

    Being the proud owner of an E430 Estate which goes like the clappers... I am keen to keep it in top condition... and I have, apart from the thump which comes from the rear suspension over potholes and/or speed bumps... and then only at low speed! The suspension, although firm, seems to operate...
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    is this a good price for sl350 shocks

    Morning all, after a little bit of advice on the price of some repairs. Just had the sl350 in the garage for a niggly rattle. whilst on the ramps the mechy noted that the rear shocks are weeping. not abc, just normal shockers, the price to repair these is 300 each plus vat. also a...
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    New Shocks, Alignment issue

    Hello All! Three out of four shocks were leaking and I replaced all four with Belstien OEM on my non ADS W140, S500, 1996 with new 235/60 R16 Bridgestone Turanzas. But honestly speaking I felt no difference in the ride. Still doesn't float, is very stiff, rocks on every minor bump and the...
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    Suspended with Suspension!

    Hello forum! My warm wishes to every forum member. I don’t own an MB yet. Need help from the learned members in buying one. My prospective purchase is a mint condition W140, S500, 1996, dark blue, 138,000 KM, engine, transmission and braking system in full form, all options, gadgets and...

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