1. psteynberg

    Flat acceleration at low revs - 1987 SL420

    Hi All, I seem to have a problem with lack of acceleration at low revs. From just getting going if you hit the gas, the car seems to not respond AT ALL but if you back off and allow it to accelerate slowly once you get past a certain point she becomes quite responsive. It reminds me of the old...
  2. R

    Issue on 420SL alternator and battery -Richard

    I have a 1987 SL420. I've had the battery replaced twice after it failed (car wouldn't start). I've found the voltage on the new battery when engine is running (tick over) is 12.15 volts. When revving it's 12.3 volts. The alternator is the original Bosch one with a regulator clipped to the...

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