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    SLK R170 Windbreak.

    Hey, I’m hoping someone here can help me. I recently purchased a 2002 SLK for a bit of fun and so far I love everything about the car. The only issue I have is that the car came with the original windbreak but the studs on the side of the roll bars is missing is it possible to replace these?
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    Hi, Live in Spain, 1999 r170 SLK 230 in black

    Hi everyone Have had my SLK about 5 years now. Still love her. Had a new gearbox put in by Mercedes in Alicante a year ago, not cheap, but everything else still works so it needed doing. I have an issue with the roof. It works fine, but is getting slow to release the front latches. I am...
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    slk 230 1997 please help!!!

    I own a Mercedes slk 230 1997 model and ive been trying to fix it up to sell it but the dashboard fault code 318 keeps coming up does anyone know what it means would love any help or advise :confused:
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