1. L

    2012 Sprinter 3500

    Hi all, new member here and new to the sprinter world, I just picked up a 2012 with 43,000 actual miles, runs/ drives great. I am noticing white smoke on occasion, I have noticed it does it every morning which I have ruled out as mostly steam but on occassion I see it after the temperture and...
  2. C

    Smell of petrol cold start W212 E250

    Hi all, W212 Facelift 2.0 E250 SE, 2013, 45k For a week I've noticed a strong smell of petrol with a cold-start (first thing in the morning). The smell is coming from the engine bay. If I'm inside the cabin with the heater fan off, I can't smell the petrol, if the heater fan is on, I can...
  3. M

    1997 Mercedes Sprinter Van

    Hello, I am currently using my old van to travel around Europe and after many journeys up and down windy mountain roads I seem to have a problem with the brakes...I have some fluid which is leaking over the inside of the back right wheel and the brakes are hardly working. I have checked the...
  4. ChrisH2O

    190E strong petrol smell inside cabin and boot

    Just been out for a short drive, and noticed a very strong petrol smell inside the cabin and in the boot, so bad that the windows had to be down all the time. Having got home and prodded about, the smell isn't coming from inside the engine bay, the car still runs fine. I brimmed the tank...

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