1. J

    Mercs no good in winter?

    I know this has been discussed here, with some negative comments. We are just back from a spell in the Arctic circle, where MB seems a popular choice of car, including many taxis. It would appear that tyres and driver ability are the key issues. Jon
  2. G

    Snow chains for ML320 2001

    Dear All, Off to French Alps. Got a set of Michelin Easy Grip. Had intended to put on front wheels only. Is this ok? Some folk however say I need two sets for both front & back. Anybody please offer any advice? Best, Grahame
  3. J

    New E350 Estate on Snow / Ice

    Hello, this is my first post so apologies if this has been asked before - I have looked but could not quite find the same question anywhere. I have an E350 Sport Estate (diesal), 2010. It has a 'C' and an 'S' and an 'M' mode. I have been trying both the C and the M modes in the current...
  4. T

    New Tyres or Snow Tyres for C250 Sport

    Hi Im driving a C250 Sport and after last year am dreading winter. Although I love my car, its horrific in the snow, slush, ice. I ended up filling the boot with water barrels to try to get traction, but still got stuck everywhere! Anyway, not I have moved jobs out to the country, where...
  5. djb

    Chains or Socks

    Has anybody any experiance with snow chains, ie grip & potential damage to alloys, equally any experiance on tyre socks? thanks

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