1. John Laidlaw

    [Spares] Dunlop 3D Wintersport Tyres MO

    4 x 255/40 R18 95Y MO Winter Tyres Dunlop Wintersport 3D- used on my SL for one light winter season, barely covering 2k miles Excellent condition with 7mm tread remaining all over, no bulges, cracks or damage- superb tyre brand which I've also had on 3 different cars so I believe in them...
  2. M

    [Spares] Genuine amg 17 inch alloys and tyres

    Front alloy wheels: 17x7.5" ET37 Wheel part number: AMG B66031026 Additional alloy part number: A1704012002 Rear alloy wheels: 17x8.5" ET34 Wheel part number: AMG B66031027 Additional alloy part number: A1704012102 Alloy wheel finish type: Mercedes Sterling Silver Warranty...

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