1. E

    E55 AMG W210 transmission problem

    Hello, Im leaning towards buying a complete gearbox and replace my existing one with it but want o see if there are any good ideas so I can be 100% sure its the internals that are worn out. Long story short: bought a -00 (manufactured -99) w210 E55 AMG with transmission problems for approx...
  2. DanB

    C219 CLS320 CDI Limp Mode / No Kickdown - OM642

    Hi Everybody, This is my first proper post and it's a big one so thanks for bearing with me. I have a few problems with my new to me CLS 320 CDI. I'm new to diesels and Mercedes so any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry in advance for the long post but IMO detail is key. The car is a...

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