1. JackCLK280

    CLK centre speaker

    Hi guys, Could anyone please explain to me, in idiots terms, how to remove the centre speaker grill from the dash. Mine has began making a really annoying noise when playing high frequency noises. I want to either disconnect it or try and fix it but I can't get the grill out and I don't want to...
  2. Alfie

    Significant CLK Speaker upgrade (Discount)

    We are looking for someone with a CLK from 2002 - 2009 who would like a significant sound upgrade. We are offering to supply and fit a set of Morel speakers to the front and rear of a W209 CLK with all the associated parts and insulation etc for a one-off price of £499 inc. This usually...
  3. J

    W203 Speaker Upgrades

    Hi All, I've been thinking of upgrading the speakers since installing my Pioneer AVH-3500DAB head unit (4 x 50W RMS output). I was planning to start with the front pair then maybe do the rear as well. But the other day one the rear passenger side speaker starting making horrible buzzing...
  4. M

    Mercedes CLK200K - year 2001 - W208 - Stereo & Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have just managed to upgrade my stereo for my CLK, which involved a lot of research before all completed. However if you know what you are doing it is maybe just 10-15min work, which I could do now as well. Fitted a Pioneer UB-1500. Anyway steps involved: 1. Remove old unit, using...

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