speed sensor

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    Engine management warning light and fault codes 2767 2768

    my mercedes c220 cdi coupe semi auto, is stuck in limp mode wont change gear and is stuck in eco mode wont change to sport or manual mode, ive had a scan and diagnostics it says the component Y3/8n2 (internal speed sensor vgs) is not available read and observe repair information. the signal from...
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    R230 - Speed Sensor

    SL500 2003 - A recent STAR report has flagged up a potential problem with my 'left rear speed sensor'. The car's electronics are apparently not getting a plausible speed signal from this sensor. I have warning lamps for ESP and ABS displaying all the time. The dealer's service technician...
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    R170 SLK 200K ABS lights and limp mode

    I hope someone here will be able to help with the mysterious fault with my car. I've had the car for around 4 years and this fault has existed in one form or another for around a year - I've been through 2 local indi's both having failed to fix the problem. It seems ot share a number of common...

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