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    S320 Bizarre speedo and odometer fault

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong section. My mum’s S320 has been playing up, it’s about 9 years ago (I will confirm full details when she gets them to me). It has an intermittent fault where she will be parked, but the speedo will show max speed and the odometer will be increasing. It is...
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    [Wanted] Search speedometer for Mercedes W126 Gemballa (Watch Photo)

    Greetings. I looking for speedometer for Mercedes W126 Gemballa, visible on picture from the annex. We know it is very rare item, but maybe some of you, dear users, will know who have it. We will pay good price for this speedometer. Well, if someone have information about this item...
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    speedometer problems

    hi I have a 2000 c200 2.0 auto and in the last week I have had the problem that as I'm driving the speedo suddenly drops and the engine wont change gear so I have to stop and restart the car but this doesn't last long. I went on a 4 mile drive to town and back and had to restart it about 5 times...
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    Speedometer not giving exact speed or not at all

    Hi, My speedometer has started behaving strangely, right after my car battery went dead (was away for a while) and the breakdown guys fitted a new one. After the new battery was installed, the speed needle didn't move at all. After a while it started moving but it's showing about...
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    C280 Petrol gauge and speedometer being flaky

    Hi, My new (to me) '95N C280 has a couple of issues ont he dash that I wonder if i could get your input on. I'd like to know if these problems are likely to be independent of one another, or an actual dashboard issue. The speedo sticks to the peg until I reach third gear, at which point it...
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    W220 Speedometer cluster is dead, Save me!

    Hello Everyone Ive been having problems with my Speedometer for my 2000 S500 W220, nothing lights exept for the SRS light and none of the gauges work, i swapt it out about 3 times now and the clusters worked in other cars, is there maybe a fuse or a could it be electricle problem, or is the...

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