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    Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI leaking?! HELP!

    Good Evening Folks New here, apologies if this is in the wrong place. Recently inherited this camper van. Doing it up but hit a snag! Just noticed this leak, any thoughts what it could be due to the location under the van. Lost powersteering as well. First thought is corroded fuel lines, and...
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    Replacing Crankshaft Position Sensor on 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi?

    Hi all, Could anyone guide me through replacing the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) on a 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi please? Links to instructions/videos would be awesome or if anyone has done it before maybe a quick step guide. I am very new to mechanics fyi Andy
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    Sprinter 2001 cuts out whilst driving - looking for specialist in South West

    Hi all, My 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi (2151cc) keeps cutting out whilst driving. I have had this problem now for nearly 18 months, each time taking it to my usual mechanic who manages to resolve the problem for a few months before it happens again. It is high time I get to the bottom of the...
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    power dip on gear change

    When I change gear in my 57plt sprinter the power drops off for a second then picks up again as normal, it also sounds like the exhaust is blowing at low revs. Checked the exhaust and there's nothing wrong, no signs of damage?!?!? Got me scratching my heed
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    intermittent loss of power :( any ideas?

    A bit new to here so please bear with me if i seem ignorant. 3 days ago i purchased a Mercedes Sprinter 311 LWB X reg its the mark 2. best sprinter in the county for sale. full mudie bond history 1 owner blah blah blah. but sometimes when im driving along it the turbo seems to fail? its...

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