1. Malmair

    R230 ABC problem

    The left rear strut on My 2004 SL55 has suddenly become inoperative. Driving the car on Thursday and got a "grey" ABC fault "visit workshop" message, drove 10 miles to get home and could feel no difference with ride/handling. Switched off engine whilst moving cars to park it and when restarted...
  2. B

    [Wanted] Hydraulic struc for boot floor board (W211)

    Hydraulic strut for boot floor board (W211) I need a replacement hydraulic strut for the rear-most boot floor board in my 2009 W211 estate, the part number is A2119801064. I have cracked the red plastic ball socket at the top so need to replace the whole unit unless anyone knows of a...
  3. W

    Viano Suspension Failure

    Tried to drive the Viano from the driveway and it's making horrible noises. It appears the front, drivers-side suspension has collapsed (it's now much lower than the passenger side). The dash shows "1 Malfunction" but doesn't say what. I know the Viano can suffer from air-suspension problems but...
  4. G

    W220 S500 2003 Rear Airmatic Strut

    Hi All The solenoid assembly has just fallen off the N/S/R strut so I now need a new strut. Does anybody know where I can get one for a reasonable price without having to sell one of my kids ? Also is there anything tricky about fitting a rear strut or is it just a case of remove old and...
  5. BRABUS R230

    Creaking ABC Suspension Leg!

    Hi all, I have an SL55 AMG with ABC, my problem is that since the near side suspension leg has been changed about 6 weeks ago, I have now noticed that when I raise then lower the height of the car or even at times just drive along a quite smooth road I can hear it but it seems to more noticable...

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