tail light

  1. BestHeadhunter

    Weird Tail light problem - a complete mystery

    I'm hoping for a miracle. My 2007 CLK Cabrio has a tail light problem. The lights all work, but they dance. For 10 seconds they are normal, then they flick to the backup mode, all bulbs replaced with Bosch bulbs. Inside, the error message has always been the same, even when the lights were fine...
  2. M

    2008 W204 - warning about lights, but they are not broken

    Hi, I recently bought a 2008 W204 and when I turn the ignition several warnings come up on the dashboard: 1) Right-hand tail lamp/brake lamp 2) Front left parking lamp 3) Front right parking lamp But all those lamps are working. What do you think is causing the warnings to come up? And, how...

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