1. D

    Tools & test equipment : where to order?

    Hi again Re Bosch KE-Jetronics I would like to know were to order basic test equipment : Fuel pressure tester& Injector tester? Is this kit what I need? http://www.nextag.com/Tool-Aid-TA-33865-509010414/prices-html I have an automotive multimeter. Do I need anything else...
  2. balge59

    Y22 - idle speed control actuator '93 300TD

    hi just reading up on testing the ELR relay, it says apply 12V across Y22 - idling speed increases - BUT - it says do not exceed 3 sec or actuator will be damaged! Bit nervous about breaking this, it doesn't say which way round to apply the Voltage - the connector is a 'one way round ' one...
  3. W

    Common Rail Diesel Injector Test - what does it mean?

    Common Rail Diesel Injector Test - what does the results mean? Hi, I had the 5 injectors on my MB OM612 engine tested. Here is the results from the Bosch 815 test bench: Can somebody decode it for, I have no idea what the test is telling me?:confused:

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