vito 108 cdi

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    Vito 02 Starting Problem

    A few months ago I have bought a Vito from 2002 with a refrigeration system attached. Until about two weeks ago everything was fine then it started this weird behaviour. Sometimes it starts normally, after 10 seconds it stops running and then it won't start for 1-2 days. Then it works...
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    vito 108cdi 2003

    hi Got three problems ,i need help with from any kind soul out there. 1) glow plug light stays on, changed the relay still staying on, any one have a wiring diagram, can i pull the plug out of the relay, does it mean the plugs are constantly energized? 2) black smoke on pull away,even though...
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    Merc Vito 108 CDI starting problems

    I ve rebuilt engine, set and adjusted valve timing according to mark on pulley on front of the engine. Now in position to start the engine, but engine when i put in key some times tries to turn over and some times nothing. Have good battery, good earth and power to starter motor. Give power...
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    Vito 108 CDI

    Hi all! Just bought a second hand vito 108 cdi van in spain. A small business delivery van missing all instruction manuals. Looking for an instruction manual in english but all I can find is all downloads (virus hotels) sites out there. Anyone who knows where to get this info online or in...

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