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    [Wanted] Differential/rear axle for 1972 Mercedes Benz - 280 SE 4.5 (W108)

    I have a 1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4,5 (US version) and have experienced that a tooth from the pinion has broken. Can someone be of any assistance to help me get hold of a functional differential for my classic Benz. Ratio is 3.27:1 and that is the preferred option, but a part from the 3,5 -...
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    Hi everybody

    Hello all, I am a complete newbie so please bear with me. After having a bit of a thing for old Mercs for a long while, I sat in a stunning '68 W108 250SE at an auction preview evening last week, thinking "one day" Then I saw what it sold for and thought "that's an awful lot of car for not...

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