w124 estate

  1. Silver 300te

    Correct part no. for Hirschmann aerial + motor S124 kombi

    Hello fellow anorak clad enthusiasts, Anyone know the part number for w124 estate aerial motor, rather than a saloon w124? I've heard somewhere that they're different. I'm worried that some one on ebay will just say, "Yeah this will be fine" and I'll get problems. Also will a standard aerial...
  2. J

    W124 E280 4 Spd Auto (Est), Infra-Red Remote, Tailgate

    Hi all, I have this ongoing problem: My infra-red remote in the tailgate works... then it doesn't work... then it works... etc etc... After several days not working until yesterday, it is now fine. It will stop working again sometime in the next few days, though. This can only be an...

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