w124 estate

  1. Silver 300te

    Vehicle Sob! My s124 kombi for sale

    Hiya, Want a good home for my cherished pride and joy. 3 litres and 2 tonnes of sheer pleasure. Sun roof works, because I fixed that. Needs some TLC. Will need new head gasket at some point. 1992. M103 v6 3 litre engine. If you do the MOT check thing, I sorted all the advisories. I'm in...
  2. J

    Vehicle 1993 MB 124TE 24 VALVE ESTATE

    Whilst driving back from Spain a couple of weeks ago I made my customary final stopover in the village of St LEGER AUX BOIS in Normandy where I was informed of a local Englishman who wished to dispose of his MB W124 Estate. It is a May 1993 RHD MODEL W124 TE 24 Valve Automatic in Champagne...
  3. Uncle Benz

    Vehicle W124 300D estate

    I'm posting this for my very dear friend Katrina, who needs this car to go to a good home. It has failed the MoT, but is very fixable for an enthusiast. She is open to offers, and I feel from our conversation the right home is more important than the monetary figure. Salient points are: 291277...
  4. Silver 300te

    Correct part no. for Hirschmann aerial + motor S124 kombi

    Hello fellow anorak clad enthusiasts, Anyone know the part number for w124 estate aerial motor, rather than a saloon w124? I've heard somewhere that they're different. I'm worried that some one on ebay will just say, "Yeah this will be fine" and I'll get problems. Also will a standard aerial...
  5. AstroGZ

    280TE On Ebay

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1993-MERCEDES-280-TE-AUTO-WHITE-7-Seater-/221616936950?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item33996617f6 This seems very cheap for what looks like a nice car.
  6. JensH

    W124 E280 4 Spd Auto (Est), Infra-Red Remote, Tailgate

    Hi all, I have this ongoing problem: My infra-red remote in the tailgate works... then it doesn't work... then it works... etc etc... After several days not working until yesterday, it is now fine. It will stop working again sometime in the next few days, though. This can only be an...
  7. K

    [Wanted] AMG or Copy W124 Bumpers required

    I'm specifically looking for a AMG front bumper either genuine or copy. I may also consider rear bumper and side skirts for the Estate I'm not bothered about some damage as long as it's not a dead loss, and really don't care it it's not a genuine part either, but must have all the parts there...

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