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    Can not remove Cross threaded wheel nut CLC

    Need some help since cannot remove wheel bolt on CLC which keeps turning. Believe the thread is cross threaded and fear it is my fault for over tighting. I was concerned not to leave too loose and believe I have overtightened since had not got a torque wrench, how silly ! Any ideas as to how...
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    W215 wheel bolt length

    Right. First of all I'm either careless, a tool or a careless tool. Back in Feb I bought a new set of wheels for my CL and along with them, a new set of wheel bolts. Actually two new sets, one was 5mm too long so they were returned and a new set bought. Fine, they work lovely and the wheels...
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    New wheels- new bolts required?

    Dear all, as some of you may know I have recently bought a new set of wheels for my W215. These are ET35 8.5J fr and 9.5J rr replacing ET44 (same width) originals. Will the increased offset require me to buy new bolts x 20? If so, can someone please tell me what length? I understand they...

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