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    Wanted wheel bolts for CLC both locking and ordinary

    Hi Has anyone got a set of 4 locking bolts B66470143 and 16 wheel bolts A0009901007 original specification to got CLC. Looking for new or v good rust free condition. Thanks if you can help. Nikki
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    Alloy Bolt On an angle/forced in

    Hi there. I have recently purchased a 1999 e320 cdi. Generally pretty pleased with the car but noticed a wobble/vibration at 60-70mph. Yesterday I then took the car to kwikfit to get the tyres re-balanced. However the technician advised he was not prepared to remove the front left wheel as one...
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    Wheel Bolts for CLK200 Spare wheel

    Hi all I am a new member - so please forgive me if I am raising a question that has been answered alot. I searched everywhere and cant seem to get the answer I need! I own a CLK200 and do not seem to have the correct wheelbolts/lugs to attach the spare wheel. The current bolts for the...
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    [Spares] W168 wheels bolts - full set for sale

    I have a full set wheel bolt for an a class w168 for all for wheels, kept in a dry bag after I bought my alloys and lockers. These are not lockers and are the original bolts. No price in mind so give me offers and if anyone wants or needs pictures just hit me up.
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    [Spares] Wheel Bolt Covers

    I have to confess I have left Mercedes and gone back to BMW ... However whilst an owner of a C class I suffered 'like all of you' from rusty wheel bolts. Being a Design Engineer I solved the problem for myself and many many other merc owners ..... If you have the same problem you'll find my...

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