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    SLK R170 Windbreak.

    Hey, I’m hoping someone here can help me. I recently purchased a 2002 SLK for a bit of fun and so far I love everything about the car. The only issue I have is that the car came with the original windbreak but the studs on the side of the roll bars is missing is it possible to replace these?
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    Front Air-Cap/ Wind Deflector staying up - E250 Cabriolet

    Looking for ways to solve this problem. The front air cap is staying up and as I try to retract it will come down and then returns to the raised position. I have taken it to Mercedes dealership only to be told they have checked the fault on their system but it doesn't appear to be a software...
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    [Spares] R230 SL Class Wind Deflector

    Genuine merc item. Has genuine case too. In very good condition and for sale as I've sold my SL500 without it. £200 + pp around £15 Any questions then please let me know.
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    Slk 171 wind deflector wanted

    Just got a 2007 Slk 200 and looking for wind deflector for a European trip. Any recommendations welcome re non oem make as there seem to be a lot of alternatives out there!
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    CLK W209 Wind Deflector FOR SALE

    Selling: a wind deflector (with bag) for a CLK W209 model - in great condition, no tears in the mesh. I used this on a 55 plate CLK 280 cabriolet for a couple of years and now that I have sold the car I no longer need it. Got a few pics I can email if you are genuinely interested in...
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    [Breaking] Mecedes SL (R129) Wind Deflector

    Near mint OEM Wind Deflector Breaking as per my other thread due to engine failure Offers Pete
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    [Spares] SLK R170 Wind Deflector for sale

    I bought this new a couple of years ago but never got round to fitting it, so it's basically brand new in box with all instructions and parts. It cost 199 Euros, so I'd like £75 (about half-price). It's a WSLK01-mini (which used to be marketed by It's a high quality bit...
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