windscreen wipers

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    Broken Windscreen Wiper Clip

    Hi everyone! New to this forum so hope this is the right place to ask this! Recently tried putting on new wiper blades on my 2017 A-Class, and one of the clips that you attach the blade into broke... The new blades didn't come with these and I've contacting Halfords to see if they sell them...
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    Windscreen wipers and indicators

    Hi Every morning my windscreen wipers and my indicators (also full beam) don't work at all - this lasts for about 10 minutes as I am driving, then as if by magic they suddenly start working perfectly normally for the rest of the day. It is almost like there is no charge first thing in the...
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    1998 C Class wiper replacement

    My C250TD failed its MOT because of the wiper not parking properly. This happened just after the linkage itself seized and the AA man had vigorously exercised the wiper. Because of this I really need to replace the whole wiper mechanism. I've removed it now and it would actually be quite...
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    Windscreen Wiper Motor, help needed please

    Hi, i am a new member, i have got a Mercedes C 200 Elegance, when i was coming back from work last night my windscreen was frozen and i accidentially turned on the windscreen wiper, since i have done that i have not been able to use it, i can hear the motor working but the actually arm is not...

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