xenon headlight

  1. PaulOD

    W212 2012 model, left Xenon lamp out (not the Bulb or wiring)

    Hi Folks New issue but possibly related to my previous posts (Water Ingress), the Mrs hit a large puddle of water on Thursday night in torrential rain, not enough to cause concern just a big splash. Friday morning going to work she noticed the Auto light function warning coming on and then go...
  2. A

    Xeon headlamp not working after flood

    Hi all, I recently had to drive through flood water in my C220 CDI where the left side of my bonnet submerged. Now my inteli lights are not working as the left headlamp does not work. I replaced the xenon bulb but it still doesn't work. I've tried drying everything out and it's been a week now...

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