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    Nearly needed to claim.

    Driving home last night come round this corner to see four headlights comming towards me solid double white lines on road. Slammed on brakes at sixty MPH and stopped within a few feet. The young driver looked like he sh|t his pants (me too) suddenly took off. Thank god for good brakes.
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    Hi guys! 2013 E-class saloon. 220CDI.

    Hi guys, I got my first Mercedes-Benz. It's actually for work purposes but hey. Its a 220CDI 2013 model (New shape). Only had it for a day. Loving every second of it so far; especially as I'm 23 so its a big achievement for me. Hope to gain a lot of Mercedes knowledge and German car...
Specialist in parts for W140 and R129 Mercedes-Benz models.
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