1. Noddy 99

    W211 12V Power Sockets + USB

    Hello, chaps, The delivery of my 2009 E-Class estate has been delayed into next week because of the need to order a part. In the background, I'm quietly stocking up on things I'll add to the car but can't go any further until I know: The location of all the 12V power sockets Whether the car...
  2. T

    12v socket in boot

    Hi, I want to install a 12v 'cigarette lighter' type socket in the boot of my 2002 E270 W211 saloon. As there is a fuse box already in the boot I thought this would be easy, and someone has already put a feed into slot F14, but when I take a reading from this it is zero when ignition is off...
  3. roop_the_loop

    12V socket hidden, where to get power?

    Hi All, The 'cigarette lighter' socket in my E-class is hidden under a sliding cover in the centre console - see this picture, where the red circle roughly indicates the location: Looks great, of course, but not very helpful if you want to keep something plugged in permanently. I...

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