1. F

    W201/190e sill rust repair

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has repaired rust on the sills/rocker panels of a 190e? (Searched and couldn't find anything specific to the 190e) I've found a few areas getting a little flakey that need attention fortunately not near the jacking points. The car has been in the family for well...
  2. I


    Evening, New to the MB owners club although have owned a number of classic Mercedes Benz. W124 E220 Coupe in Beryl Blue with only 40,000 Miles Mercedes S600 V12 Bi-Turbo Mercedes 190E Sportline Mercedes 190E 1.8 Manual These are the most recent owned. Im currently having an issue with my...
  3. Smaltze

    Modifying a 190 na diesel for performance

    Hello all, I have the tools/machinery/skills(i hope) and interest in getting a w201 190 diesel and attaching a mercedes kompressor or perhaps an aftermarket super charger to it. As well as widening the stance with fabricated custom arch extensions and upgrading the suspension for as best...
  4. H

    Retrofit cruise control to A class 2001?

    Is it possible to retrofit cruise control to a 2001 Mercedes A Class 190? If it is, how can we get the parts and undertake the fitting? My partner has injured her knee and needs a cruise control and we don't really want to change the car. Thanks for your help
  5. J

    Spotted in Bellagio, Italy

    Very nice 190
  6. B

    190 Diesel buying advice

    Hi, Having sold my 230CE last year I'm looking to reaquaint myself with a Benz. I need a no nonsense daily driver and that means something a little newer this time. I have settled on a 190. Its likely to be a diesel (although also tempted by the 2.6 petrol!) I'm currently keeping my eyes...
  7. E

    W201 2.0 engine not very smooth?

    Hello all, The 3rd Benz in my collection is a Baby Benz, w201 190E 2.0 Automatic. Looks good, drives good and has loads of torque. The only problem I am having is that the engine sounds raw. The engine idling behaviour is stable (approx 700rpm) but when driving the car under normal every day...
  8. F

    Jammed lock cylinder 190E Please help

    Hey new here... I have an 1990 Mercedes 190E sportline. I have got the common problem with the lock jamming, key wont turn at all to the NR 1 position..:( Its really frustrating. I know a guy who used to be a mercedes mechanic. He told me the only way is too keep turning the key and...

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