1. D

    W201 running rough at idle

    Hello looking for some help. The car seems run rough when at idle and wants to cut out and sometimes does, and gets worse when pressing accelerator, but once up at speed it's fine, could this be the OVP relay? (I have ordered one) however I was told it could be the idle control valve. However...
  2. F

    W201/190e sill rust repair

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has repaired rust on the sills/rocker panels of a 190e? (Searched and couldn't find anything specific to the 190e) I've found a few areas getting a little flakey that need attention fortunately not near the jacking points. The car has been in the family for well...
  3. I


    Evening, New to the MB owners club although have owned a number of classic Mercedes Benz. W124 E220 Coupe in Beryl Blue with only 40,000 Miles Mercedes S600 V12 Bi-Turbo Mercedes 190E Sportline Mercedes 190E 1.8 Manual These are the most recent owned. Im currently having an issue with my...
  4. Smaltze

    Modifying a 190 na diesel for performance

    Hello all, I have the tools/machinery/skills(i hope) and interest in getting a w201 190 diesel and attaching a mercedes kompressor or perhaps an aftermarket super charger to it. As well as widening the stance with fabricated custom arch extensions and upgrading the suspension for as best...
  5. H

    Retrofit cruise control to A class 2001?

    Is it possible to retrofit cruise control to a 2001 Mercedes A Class 190? If it is, how can we get the parts and undertake the fitting? My partner has injured her knee and needs a cruise control and we don't really want to change the car. Thanks for your help
  6. J

    Spotted in Bellagio, Italy

    Very nice 190
  7. B

    190 Diesel buying advice

    Hi, Having sold my 230CE last year I'm looking to reaquaint myself with a Benz. I need a no nonsense daily driver and that means something a little newer this time. I have settled on a 190. Its likely to be a diesel (although also tempted by the 2.6 petrol!) I'm currently keeping my eyes...
  8. E

    W201 2.0 engine not very smooth?

    Hello all, The 3rd Benz in my collection is a Baby Benz, w201 190E 2.0 Automatic. Looks good, drives good and has loads of torque. The only problem I am having is that the engine sounds raw. The engine idling behaviour is stable (approx 700rpm) but when driving the car under normal every day...
  9. F

    Jammed lock cylinder 190E Please help

    Hey new here... I have an 1990 Mercedes 190E sportline. I have got the common problem with the lock jamming, key wont turn at all to the NR 1 position..:( Its really frustrating. I know a guy who used to be a mercedes mechanic. He told me the only way is too keep turning the key and...

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