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    Seeking Help/Advice - 1989 190E

    Morning all, I inherited what was my Grandad's car, a 1989 190E. It was only used a little on Guernsey and then very rarely used towards the end of his life (it's only done 50k). The engine is in great shape. There's some minor rust on the bodywork and interior is in OK condition. My sister had...
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    W124 wagon SLS and cuting springs

    Hello :-) Just got my vert first mercedes, W124 230TE 1989. And planed to lower the car by cutting the springs, i know it is a bad idea, but my wallet won’t allow any lowering springs. But since the car has SLS i wounderd if that should be disabled somehow for the cuted spring to have any...
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    Vehicle 1989 Mercedes Benz 230e SOLD

    The time has come to sell my beloved Mercedes affectionately known as "Bruno" after the great man himself ;) I always wanted a Mercedes it was one of my Bucket list cars.I really wanted a W123 but to be honest at the time I bought my first they were out of my price range :( So I bought a 190d...
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    NewBie BigFoot16

    Hi, we are the owners of a 1989 build, 1996 motorhome conversion on a Mercedes 814D (1989), rhd, goes into Armadillo-mode when it sees a hill, but starts on a single turn & should be called "Thumper ". we love her to death. loadsaquestions, advice & help needed please before the trip to the Sun...

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