1. fangio_gg

    W201 stopped whilst driving

    Hi, thought I'd share my issue. I haven't fixed it, but when I do, maybe it will come in handy for someone else. Till about a month ago my 1.8l W201 1992 been problem free since I bought it about a year ago. Got 300000km on it. When I bought it, it ran good, but I took the time changing: Rotor...
  2. N

    w124 Diesel Vaccum- Not turning off engine

    Hi Everyone I have a 1992 300CE coupe auto converted to a 300D manual which iv recently aquired I have the common problem with the engine not turning off after the key is removed , im having to manually use the shut off valve. Does anyone have a diagram or a description of all vacuum lines in...
  3. M

    E300TD 1992 mileometer and trip not working

    Hi, I am a newbie to this site having just bought the above car and discovered mileometer is not working. What can I do to get them going again? Speedometer working but occasionally flickers. Please help

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