2.2 diesel

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    URGENT i need your help guys

    Merry Christmas to all of you and happy new year. Guys i have a huge problem with the smoke coming out from oil dipstick it has been 4 years of fixing and results are same. The car is W204 2010 year 2.2 diesel om651 engine with single turbo after all the struggles and bunch of fixing i gave up...
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    Sprinter limp mode

    Hello, i have limp mode on a sprinter, there's faults P24C600, P237600(boost pressure sensor Low-pressure turbocharger has a short circuit to ground.), P237528 (boost pressure sensor Low-pressure turbocharger malfunction. The signal offset is outside the permissible range), P226100 (wastegate...
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    Great Service - has to be shouted about

    I recently looked around a number of dealers to do the head gasget on my mercedes sprinter 2.2 diesel. (906 chassis - 315cdi). I was surprised to see such a vast difference in the prices - the prices ranged from 871 plus vat to 1748 plus vat - all for the same work. This was to strip the head...
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