250 cdi

  1. M

    Help please new Quantity control valve errors

    Hi, i have e250 cdi OM651 engine 2009 I had rough idle on cold with rpm jumping every few seconds by 50/100 rpm no errors or check engine light.Now i replaced the qcv on hp pump today with new one but after starting it it ran fine but after reving to 2k rpm eml came on, after reading codes i...
  2. T

    Pros and cons of remapping

    I've been considering getting a Mercedes with the 250 cdi engine as want a bit of performance ( 204 bhp ) but I'm just wondering if I find a better value 220 cdi is it a viable option to buy it and then get it remapped to 204 + bhp as they are the same engine just turbos tuned different. I've...
  3. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C250 CDI remapping!!!

    Hey guys, Had a lovely C250 CDI in for the bespoke ECU remapping treatment! The customer had come straight from CKS after having quad AMG pips popped on her! We have tuned her up and coupled with the performance software he had full gearbox mapping also. Runs Delphi DCM3.5 so we have full...

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