1. Drew Coulthard

    1980's Mercedes

    Hi all I had a 280E back in 1985, it was 2 years old and had every extra you could fit on it. Silver with beige leather. I loved that car even though I was only 28. I'm now retired and looking for a 1980's project...an easy project. It'll be a 280CE I think
  2. Razor Burns

    rear side window outer aluminium trim removal, any advice appreciated.. 280ce

    I am just about to work on my 280ce specifically any advice on removal of aluminum outer trim rear side window without damage, tips, clues, screws n glues.. would be appreciated.
  3. J

    Replacement engine for 280ce 1985

    hello I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a very well loved and looked after 280ce but the engine recently broke and is unrepairable. I had it taken out to be re-engineered but it’s not possible so I need to find a new one the sooner the better. I’ve been struggling to find a replacement...
  4. J

    Interior Vinyl for W123 280ce

    Hi, I am looking for some navy blue vinyl for some tidying up on my interior. Any recommendations for where to source it? Thanks, James
  5. L

    [Spares] W123 230/280 CE coupe rear screen

    Hi I have a rear screen form a w123 coupe for sale if anybody needs one. Comes with chrome trims and the original seal although the seal would need renewing. £60 buyer collects or arranges collection. PM me for more info. Levi :)
  6. D

    Looking for a nice W114 280CE

    Well I've been bitten by the bug. I was trawling e-bay the other week and saw a red 123 series 230CE for what appeared to be silly money. I bid (thanks Mr Peroni) and, as happens when you really shouldn't have, ended up buying it. Well she arrived on Friday and I've been out and about in...

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