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    Struggling to find Z rated tyres for 560SEC

    Can anyone help please as i am struggling to find tyres for my 560SEC at the size of 215 65 R15 that are z rated. Should i be looking at a slightly different size to be able to open up the choice.....well, i say choice but currently i cannot find any. Where can i find some please? Thank you.
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    560 sec changed on kickdown but no power

    Hi, Hopefully someone can assist: My 560sec is lacking power. Now, it has stood for 7 years and i am only 300 miles in to blowing the cobwebs out of it and this includes using fuel additive to clean the injectors but she is v sluggish and on kickdown, she changes gear but then just hangs there...
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    w126 560sec air pump

    Hi all, My alternator belt snapped and whilst in that area checking the belts diagram i have, I've noticed that my car does not have the air pump. Is this usual?? Thanks, Benedict
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    Hissing sound on right side of dash w126

    Hi all, My recently recommissioned w126 560SEC, which had been off the road for 7 years has, after 200 miles, got a strange hissing sound coming from the right hand side area near the dash speaker when i am cruising along that disappears reduces greatly under acceleration. I have searched...
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    w126 560sec engine bay diagram

    I am sure i am missing something in my engine bay, at the front on the right by the ABS. Online photos have a plastic container there and mine has a void with a brake pipe item by it. Anyone know what is missing, plus where can i find a labelled up picture of a 560sec engine bay. I have...

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