6 cd changer

  1. M

    Audio 20 6 CD Replacment

    Hi all, I hope you’re keeping well. My current audio 20 6 CD (NTG 4.5 6CD) player has had issues recently. I’m looking to replace the part with the same systems from sellers on eBay. These systems however seem to have different part numbers. My current systems part number is a2049009314. I...
  2. PovertySpec

    6 CD Changer Buzzing Even With Ignition Off

    I have Audio 20 with the 6 disc changer under the head unit. Yesterday it started buzzing. 1 x 1 second buzz and two shorter ones so obviously something is stuck and it's trying to un-stick itself. It continues to buzz even with the ignition key removed. Driver's side dashboard end...
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