1. J

    2017 A1880D silent dash

    Posting on behalf of a friend. Their 2017 A1880D has had the following issues over the last few weeks: - silent indicators - silent hazards - silent airbag warning Anyone any ideas as to why the sound could’ve been lost and what could possibly be done to rectify it? They were working...
  2. A

    W169 Rear Passenger Door wont open from inside or outside

    Hi All, I have a A170 and the rear passenger door will not open at all. I have removed the inner door trim but can someone give an idea what could be the problem. If I lock the door then it unlocks when I pull the interior lever but the door won’t open. Please help
  3. M

    Engine Management light

    I own a 2014 220d A-class. The engine management light first came on quite a few months ago and then disappeared after a few weeks. It then recurred and has been on since. Ive given it to a local mechanic who has replaced the parts that the diagnostics has thrown up since but always a new code...
  4. D

    Electrical burning smell from under drivers side (Right-hand) - A-Class A150 W169

    Hello everyone, first post here so I apologise if this is in the wrong section and thanks for any help in advance! My car is a 2005 Manual Petrol A150 A-Class W169. After starting the car around 20 minutes later I get an electrical burning smell coming from under the car near the drivers seat...
  5. F

    Engine fault testing in Staffordshire, recommendations?

    Hello, I've got the dreaded engine management light on my A-class, which I assume is the ECU, however I would like it to go on a computer to confirm before I send it off. Can anyone recommend a place in Staffordshire to get it tested cheaply and accurately? I've had this done at my local...
  6. A

    Boot, Tailgate Locked...Please help, WD40?

    Hi The lock on my boot wont open and has been sticky for sometime. I read on a thread about oiling, using WD40. Does anyone know exactly where I can spray the locks and where NOT to spray :-). There is no 'key lock' on the boot itself and the only way to open the boot seems be to press on the...
  7. B

    Forum newbie: Excited!

    I've been reading and enjoying this excellent forum for quite a while, so I figure it's time I made a contribution... My late father always wanted a W113 Pagoda (silver, red seats) but never quite managed it, nor did his father realise his own dream of an SL190 (silver, red seats). So, I...
  8. M

    Do the same roof bars fit W168 & W169 A-Class?

    Simple enough question. I'm looking at buying some roof bars for my W169 A-Class. I've seen some (Mercedes made) ones offered for sale, that fit a W168, but can not find any information on whether they also fit the W169. I know that the ones from other companies like Thule do, but I don;t...
  9. C

    Mercades A-class A180 Amg or CLA Class CLA180 Amg

    Hi All, I hope you're all well. I'm in the process of looking to purchase my first Mercedes, but I am drawn between the A-class A180 Amg Sport and the CLA180 Amg Sport. Both models will be equipped with the same engine and will have the same options (7 speed auto, Satnav, Night package etc)...
  10. A

    Left underwhelmed :(

    Well today I test drove an A-Class as a bench mark for the CLA (only petrol available for CLA). The A-Class was fitted with a 220 CDI. Coming from a C-Class 250CDI the A-Class just did not feel anywhere as nippy off the mark. In fact I would say it felt very sluggish. I did have a C-Class 220...
  11. T

    08 a-class ecu rom failure P0605

    Hi All. Can anyone please help with my current dilemma. I bought an 08 A-class 1.5 petrol with 40K on the clock 6 months ago from a well known giant car supermarket, it has the later type siemens VDO ECU (the one without the air flow meter) part numbers are a2661530391, 5wk90974 (07)...
  12. Dasauto

    A180 front wiper stop/start problem

    Hi, I have a A180 2006 which seems to have dodgy front window wipers. (fuses checked all ok) I've done a bit of internet research and it seems that proper attachment of the wiper arm to the spline stub if critical, and they do look a bit wonky when in the "rest/off" position. (see attached...
  13. C

    A-Class Rear power socket not working

    Hi Guys I have a 2010 A180 CDI, the W169 i think. The rear power socket located in the boot suddenly stopped working. There is no power. It is supposed to give 12v regardless of the ignition. I have checked the fuse in the fuse box and it's not blown. I have even swapped it to make sure. I...
  14. M

    A Class Reverse Lights

    Hi, I have just bought an A Class 160 and the reverse lights don't work. I replaced the bulbs, but still not working. I replaced the fuse, still not working. I have now replaced the switch (the one under the bonnet near the gear linkage) and now the reverse lights are constantly on...
  15. C

    A-Class buying - what to look out for..

    hi, have a friend that want to buy a A-class, currently looking at a advantgarde 1.4 petrol 2002 manual, with 40,000 miles on it, i just wonder if there are anything to look out for. etc. is this one of the better years for them or one of the worse..etc :) thanks! steve.
  16. G

    Help, My A140 1999 is Revving itself!

    Hi, I recently bought a A140 1999 reg Elegance. I have noticed sometimes (usually after the car has been left for a few hours) That the engine Revvs itself after i have started it (this lasts for 30secs to 1min maximum). I have watched the rev counter and there is definitely movement. This does...
  17. S

    A170 W169 3 door rear speaker removal?

    Anyone know if these just pop out or does the whole panel have to come off? I have levered them a bit, and they move but are very tight, and I am worried I will break them. If they do pop out, do I lever under the chrome ring, or the internal circular section?
  18. R

    A-Class creaking noise when turning

    Hi all, this is my first posting, wonder if anyone can help. I have a 99 A-Class Elegance, it has started to creak every time I turn the steering wheel, the noise seems to be coming from down below...any one experienced this problem or know what it can be? Many thanks.

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