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    I recently went in to my local MB dealership to look in to getting a new A180 Sport model. The salesman who got me a deal up was great and sorted me out a good offer. However I have a question about the special equipment listed on the customer vehicle order, And since the man from my local...
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    57 A Class Ignition/Immobiliser Problem?

    Hi Guys, Im hoping someone on here maybe able to help me with a problem my A Class has recently started having? When I try to start the engine the car fails to start. All the lights come on the dashboard as normal, and the radio will start, but nothing from the engine. No crank or anything...
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    2006 A Class Fuse Allocation Chart

    Hi there, Does anyone have an electronic copy of the fuse allocation chart for a 2006 A Class Mercedes please, mine is missing. Thanks, Steve
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