1. Razor Burns

    Hi, new member need support as going thru my 5th Mid-life crisis.. my mercedes 280ce

    Hi, Looking for any info to help me cure my ACCELERATOR / THROTTLE / STICKING ? and CABLE Advise. An image of the correct accelerator cable would be very helpful as I think previous owner has used cable from w124..
  2. Pipemaster

    R129 No accelerator after very flat battery. car runs

    After leaving the battery to go very flat I recovered it with Genius intelligent battery charger. The car starts but there is no throttle response at all and the BAS light is on. Any advice would be appreciated
  3. A

    Car reved without acceleration?!

    Hi Cant seem to post this in technical. The other day I stopped at the lights had my foot lightly on the accelerator but the car was reving?!. So went into neutral took my foot off the accelerator and it still reved a bit, so turned the engine off and on again and it was fine after...
  4. R

    c180k over revving during gear change

    my c180k 2006 model has developed a problem where the engine over revs when i change gear. the rpms go up to 2000 and then come down as i release the clutch. any advise on what the problem could be would be much appreciated. rkakar

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