1. R

    Mercedes E class ( e213) 2018 e220d

    Hi there im after some help please So it starts like this. I bought a mercedes e class 2018 e220d light front damage. When the recovery guy dropped the car it would not start. Gt s new bosh battery after few attempts of start stop button car started all ok. Cut out and and started fine again...
  2. M

    Accident and Insurance

    Hi all, Apologies, I wasn't sure if this thread belonged in here, but thought it was the best fit. I drive a Mercedes A-class and have been in an accident where I went into the back of a 4x4. It’s damaged the grill, badge and slightly displaced the bumper and bonnet. I have tried resetting the...
  3. I

    Accident Repair BodyShop Recommendation - Rear Collision

    Hi, My local take away driver has rear-ended my 64 plate c220 and now i am in need for a body shop that any one can recommend in the Bradford area. I was sat stationary in traffic going no where and then bang this guys comes in to my rear. Anyways, I thought i would come here see if anyone can...
  4. C

    CL500 first trip disaster

    Well, after picking the car up yesterday a few things came to light: OCP fix has cured key fob range issue. Sunroof works perfectly on tilt, but only goes back an inch at a time then stops. Then button press, another inch then stops. However it goes forwards just fine. Engine power seems...
  5. A


    Hi Guys. I would really appreciate if you can give me a bit of advice on this issue; I had an accident (Front nearside, also slid into a side wall hitting the back nearside wheel as well) in end of Jan 2013 and the car was promptly taken by the insurance company to their designated garage...
  6. A

    Respray in Kent

    Hi all, Quick question. I (very stupidly) decided to do battle with a bollard as I was driving out of Tesco's car park today. Not sure how I did it, but I completely failed to spot it. Result: need minor repairs to both nearside doors and nearside rear wing. Some scratches and a very minor...
  7. BeeJay

    A Witness to any Accident

    I came across this device, a video camera combined with a GPS unit. It allows you to record your journey, with data, and in the event of an accident or a prosecution for speeding to have evidence to back up your story. A 'black box' for cars. I am not sure as to their legal standing, ie the...

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