1. J

    E220d Adblue Pump Malfunction Message - After 2 new pump part replacements

    So, I have an AdBlue malfunction message appear, along with the EML and a count-down (miles). Went to my Merc garage - Who ran the diagnostics (with Merc software), which returned an 'AdBlue Pump malfunction' (Change pump). So, they ordered the new pump part and fitted into the car. Ran the...
  2. MitchP

    AdBlue Tank Internal Leak E220d 2018

    Ok so after waiting an extra 3 months for my delayed new E220d Coupe, within 3 months of having it, and with less than 5k mileage on the clock, I had the Engine Mgmt light come on, and then an AdBlue malfunction message. I took the car to the local dealership yesterday and they advised there’s...

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