1. C

    W215 Cl500 side door opening adjustment

    Well, here's something unusual. Side note first- due to its "garage queen" status I've only had the family in the car a few times, most of its driving so far has been me solo. So- last weekend saw us in the car over to visit my folks. On opening the door for SWMBo, 'cos I'm polite like that...
  2. S

    R107 headlamp adjust

    Exactly how do you do this? Cheers
  3. EastExpert

    MPG Adjustment Factor - Possible?

    Hi there, Using I collected my "brim-to-brim" re-fuelling data for analysis. The tool allows to calculate real fuel economy judging by real mileage and amount of fuel used, so gives quite precise figures. Thus, I found out that my instrument cluster MPG...
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