1. M

    Radio No reception and Key Fob remote not working (A140)

    Hi Just bought a new to us A140 , it has an aftermarket radio (I think) , it's a face off radio , anyhow the radio works but does not get any reception signal for tuning. The keyfob remote does not unlock/lock the doors but allow the interior lights to illuminate. The reason I mention both these...
  2. darkling

    SLK (R171) GPS aerial location?

    My satnav (COMAND N2.5) is having trouble working out where it is. On the full-screen map, it says it has no satellites visible. That suggests to me that the aerial is damaged/misplaced/disconnected. From what I can see online, most cars have it on the rear window, but clearly that would be a...
  3. Silver 300te

    Correct part no. for Hirschmann aerial + motor S124 kombi

    Hello fellow anorak clad enthusiasts, Anyone know the part number for w124 estate aerial motor, rather than a saloon w124? I've heard somewhere that they're different. I'm worried that some one on ebay will just say, "Yeah this will be fine" and I'll get problems. Also will a standard aerial...
  4. Pipemaster

    SL129 Fixed aerial

    I had a fixed aerial on my car. which was replaced with an electric retractable one a few years ago. The car is fitted with a factory fitted Becker Sat Nav and handsfree cradle. There is a small boot mounted pod which I believe is for the Sat Nav (I have never seen another 129 with one on)...
  5. A

    1972 350sl front antenna

    Hi The automatic antenna on my 1972 350sl (R107) has been misbehaving. It continues to try to wind down the aerial after it is fully down - resulting in a flat battery. I've disconnected it from the Becker head unit for now but does anyone know how to get at the antenna? It's situated on the...
  6. W

    S211 E320 CDI Aerial and Remote Locking

    Hi Guys, I have been experiencing problems unlocking my 55 plate E320 using the fob. I fitted new batteries to both keys but had to place the fobs right up to the tiny window on the drivers door handle, and even then it was very fussy about recognising the code etc. I also noticed that the...
  7. D

    W124 Saloon – Cutting Power to the Electric Aerial

    Hi all, For a while now the electric aerial on my 1991 W124 200E Saloon has been stuck in the extended position and to be honest it hasn’t bothered me and I have just lived with it. Every time the radio was turned on or off you could hear the electric motor trying to extend or retract the...
  8. F

    problems fitting bee sting aerial to W168

    hey, having a few problems fitting this to my A class w168, the bee sting aerial unit is being stopped from going on by a metal unit underneath the aerial which had a screw inside (which i removed), where i gather the screw provided in the pack goes, but the screw isnt long enough and the aerial...

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