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    agility finance

    I am rather confused about the end of my agility agreement. I have read posts which say that if the car is valued at less than the GFV set at the beginning of the agreement, then Mercedes finance makes up the shortfall. My Car was valued at £9444. It has a GFV in the agreement of £10150. I...
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    Mercedes Benz agility

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to buy my first merc next month - an a180 AMG (NEW). I have already put my deposit on the car to secure it however my dealership can't process the finance until my 18th which will be next month. I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience of getting finance...
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    Agility Finance

    Hi guys Im desperately seeking help. Due to the recession and buying a house with lots of work, we really need to get rid of our baby, C250 CDI Sport. We took it out over 3 years on agility finance, but when called merc finance about what options we have for handing back the car, she...
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    SLK Servicing Query

    I have an SLK 200 K needing it's 2nd year service (~26k on the clock) and have been quoted £483 by the dealer from which I bought it, which seems rather high. They said this is due to needing a replacement combination filter and a brake fluid change. I'm thinking of shopping around for a...

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