airmatic suspension

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    Exploding Air Suspension - w219

    Iv had the car for a few days, and after getting some repair work. Sports mode, sport 2 suspension, ESC Off I did some “ Aggressive “ driving. After a 45 min blast, I sit in the car parked off. Boom 1, air suspension front right collapsed ( new strut ) 10 mins later Boom 2, rear...
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    Airmatic code 5507

    Hey all, C219 with airmatic, front left strut just changed due to split and caused red car too low message. Strut changed over but now after a min or two white message saying airmatic visit workshop. Have scanned and cleared all airmatic faults but code 5507 - “suspension strut is...
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    Difference between rebuilt and new Airmatic struts

    Interesting reading from the bilstein website on the differences between rebuilt and new struts.
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    w220 dreaded suspension

    hi all I am running a 2003 w220 320cdi. I have had this for the best part of ten year and all is (was) good so I wasn't really thinking of getting rid off it. Unfortunately I have noticed that the ride has started to get very hard. when riding over bumps the whole car shakes and judders...

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